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If you've got a question about something you can ask it here.

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We won't tell anyone what you've asked or who you are. This service is anonymous. That means we don't ask for your name, phone number, or email address. As we don't know who you are we couldn't tell anyone anyway.

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How does it work?
Type your question and the website will give you a code. Write this down or put it in your phone. Come back in two days and re-enter the code for your answer. It's as simple as that.

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Who answers these questions?
The questions are answered by peer mentors. We are young people who are trained in how to listen and support you. You can find out more about us further down the page.

What if I need help now?
If you are really worried or upset you can find someone to talk to now here.

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  • kymmy


    I’m interested in TalkSafe because it allows young people to express themselves, their skills and their knowledge towards something that will not only benefit others but change one’s life.I love flip flops – wear them everywhere, in every season!!! I am very very ticklish so if we have a fight, you tickle me and you’ll win.

  • andrew


    I’m interested in TalkSafe because I like the fact that I’m helping other people and making a difference in London.My hobbies are athletics, topman, myself and my hair.

  • stella


    I am interested in TalkSafe because I like what TalkSafe represents and I feel I have skills that are beneficial to TalkSafe.I like shopping, dance, socialising, I like travelling and reading. I love original glazed krispy kreme doughnuts and Italian food as well as coffee. I also like spicy things.

  • azizi


    I’m interested because I want to get the message to other young people like me, so others don’t have to be alone during difficult times.I like to sing, act, socialise, shop and read.

  • reise


    Im involved in talksafe because i feel, like me there are alot of issues that face alot of young people which older people may not be able to grasp or relate to. Sometimes the younger age group would like to talk to someone their age to feel a sense of security and thats what im here to do.
    A quirky fact about me is that i am a perfectionist, possibly with a slight OCD lol. I try and excel in whatever i do to achieve maximum greatness. i like blue and there is not enough space in the world to tell you how much foods i like.

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    TheLesbianGal, Unfortunately, you can catch some STDs without having sex, so even though you're both virgins, either of you could actually have an STD. If you've both gotten tested recently, and are sure that there are no STDs nearby you should be fine :) But remember, never feel pressured into having sex unless you're both 100% comfortable and on board, and protection is Always the best plan! Hugs, Ben/Bella

    Ben/Bella, 07/11/2015 01:50:24
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    Can you get an STD if your both virgins?

    TheLesbianGal, 30/10/2015 22:14:15

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