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  • bullying


    Bullying can involve hitting, pushing, shoving, name-calling or mocking. It can involve making sure you get into trouble, stealing your things, your friends or isolating you.What can I do?• If you are being bullied the most important thing to do is talk to someone about it, even if it feels hard.• If … Read more

  • exams and work

    Exams and Work

    What do the Heroes think?There’s nothing for it, if you’re at school or college there’s always coursework and exams.So what’s the best way to tackle them? Here are some tips:• Stop procrastinating! If you get down to it early, it doesn’t become so overwhelming. It also keeps teachers and parents off … Read more

  • friends


    During adolescence your friends become really important as you become more independent from your family. Friends are important for fun and support, and when friendships work they are fantastic.  But what if we find it hard to make friends, or when friendships go wrong?How can I make friends?Friends were never … Read more

  • gangs


    Some young people are in gangs, and from the outside this may look appealing. The truth can be very different.There are many reasons someone might join a gang – some young people are looking for an alternative ‘family’, especially if they aren’t happy at home. Others join because of peer … Read more

  • homophobia


    What is homophobia?Homophobia is where people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual (or people who are assumed to be) are discriminated against. This could take the form of verbal or physical abuse and if this is happening to you, it is important to talk to someone.Why do I keep hearing … Read more

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  • Sex

    TheLesbianGal, Unfortunately, you can catch some STDs without having sex, so even though you're both virgins, either of you could actually have an STD. If you've both gotten tested recently, and are sure that there are no STDs nearby you should be fine :) But remember, never feel pressured into having sex unless you're both 100% comfortable and on board, and protection is Always the best plan! Hugs, Ben/Bella

    Ben/Bella, 07/11/2015 01:50:24
  • Sex

    Can you get an STD if your both virgins?

    TheLesbianGal, 30/10/2015 22:14:15

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