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  • feelings


    Everyone has a range of feelings which we experience at different times. During adolescence though, it is normal for your feelings to become more intense and unpredictable. What can I do to help myself?Here are some things you can do to help yourself when you feel down:• Get enough sleep• Eat healthily• Exercise• Talk … Read more

  • trouble at home


    I’m being abused, what can I do?• If you are being sexually, physically or emotionally abused it is very important to get help.• No-one has the right to treat you badly or make you do anything you feel is wrong. If you are experiencing abuse within your family, it is really important … Read more

  • brothers and sisters

    Brothers and Sisters

    Brothers and sisters can go from being allies to enemies in the space of a few minutes. Managing our relationships with them can be difficult and your place in the family is likely to have an impact on this.I’m the oldestThis can be tough as you may feel like you … Read more

  • depression and anxiety

    Depression and anxiety

    Why do my moods keep changing?Everyone has a mixture of feelings, but during adolescence they can be more intense, harder to understand and more likely to swing between positive and negative. This is a normal part of growing up, so it may be hard to recognise if you have a … Read more

  • eating problems

    Eating Problems

    Why am I having problems with eating?Eating problems affect high numbers of young people and although they are most common in young women, young men are affected too.Some people say eating problems help them feel in control, or to manage difficult experiences or feelings. The trouble is that the eating … Read more

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  • Want to win some prizes?

    Definitely vouchers so its not too gender specific or age specific maybe to your local shopping center so it can be for any shop?

    Louise Houghton , 25/11/2013 21:07:38
  • Want to win some prizes?

    It would be nice if one of the possible prizes could be a gift voucher to a sho(depending if a boy or girl) or a discount card at a nice restaurant or something! :)

    Anjola, 21/10/2013 14:36:31

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