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  • bisexual


    What is bisexuality?Being bisexual means you are romantically and sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex and people of the same sex. As you grow up you become more aware of your sexuality and you might find that you fancy boys and girls, perhaps you have always felt this … Read more

  • coming out

    Coming Out

    What is coming out?Coming out is when someone who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual tells the people around them about their sexuality. It can be scary, but it also means you can be honest about how you feel and not keep part of your life hidden.I think I’m gay, what happens next?One … Read more

  • gay


    What is being gay?If you are gay you are romantically and sexually attracted to people of the same sex. The term gay usually refers to boys and men. Girls who are attracted to girls or women are known as lesbians. How do I know if I’m gay?• Some people know from a … Read more

  • homophobia


    What is homophobia?Homophobia is where people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual (or people who are assumed to be) are discriminated against. This could take the form of verbal or physical abuse and if this is happening to you, it is important to talk to someone.Why do I keep hearing … Read more

  • lesbian


    What is being lesbian?If you are lesbian you are a girl or woman who is romantically and sexually attracted to other girls or women.How do I know if I’m lesbian?• Some people know from a young age that they are lesbian. • Some people don’t know until they get older and start thinking about … Read more

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  • Want to win some prizes?

    Definitely vouchers so its not too gender specific or age specific maybe to your local shopping center so it can be for any shop?

    Louise Houghton , 25/11/2013 21:07:38
  • Want to win some prizes?

    It would be nice if one of the possible prizes could be a gift voucher to a sho(depending if a boy or girl) or a discount card at a nice restaurant or something! :)

    Anjola, 21/10/2013 14:36:31

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